Veilpiercer – Free Advance Draft

Bruce here.

I have just finished my next novel, Veilpiercer. During the next few months I’ll be circulating it to editors and agents and possibly negotiating movie rights.

If you would like to be a beta reader of Veilpiercer, send a quick email to and say “You betcha,” or “Hot diggity, free words,  I’m in!” or something like that. I’ll email an EPUB copy of an advance draft of the entire novel. That’s the format for Kindles. Amazon has made it easy to send EPUB files to your Kindle – I’ll send instructions.

This is a limited time offer in January 2024. If you’re reading this later, then you’ll have to buy your copy in an airport bookstore.

Did I mention this is free? Scientists have proven that free books are more enjoyable than slutty words that you have to pay for.

You’ll be a beta reader – the definition is below. I’m hoping you will give me feedback big or small but there’s no obligation. You might read it and decide it will be easier for us never to talk about it again – and that’s okay too. (It’s too early to beg for reviews but I might return to you when that time comes.)

Veilpiercer is a stand-alone near-future science fiction story. If you are one of the few, the lucky few, who read Uncommon Scents, then you’ll find that Veilpiercer takes place in the same world three years later and some of the same characters come back to play. For everyone else, Veilpiercer can be enjoyed entirely on its own. Veilpiercer is quirky and funny because that is literally the only way I know how to write. Many of the details in the story, though, are taken from today’s headlines. Here’s a summary of the story:

When Cabalynne learns that a tech company CEO has paved over her mother’s grave to build a zeppelin hangar, she hatches an ambitious plot for revenge. Her team – an AI with a sense of humor, a narcissistic hacker who might or might not have a real girlfriend, and a social media army of conspiracy believers – plans an assault on the most powerful computer on earth, seeking to expose the secrets of the wealthy.

Although I am proud of Veilpiercer in its current form, it may be revised after I get more feedback. (This is the sixth draft with extensive revisions from earlier drafts.) There may only be a few people who get to read these words in this order. Oh, the bragging rights you’ll have!

Let me know if you’re interested. Thank you!