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Veilpiercer is a tragic story of two young lovers who fall in love despite their feuding families.  Their secret marriage and attempts to be together lead to a series of misunderstandings, ultimately resulting in their deaths and the reconciliation of their families.

Wait, sorry, I just consulted the text of Veilpiercer and that’s not right. Repeat, that is not correct. Veilpiercer is actually a social satire about a young woman who learns that the wealthy are using technology to manipulate reality and conceal their lifestyles from ordinary people. There’s also a scary military AI named Ubik that goes around networks stomping on rogue AIs, and a billionaire who hacked her primary school election so she could be sixth grade class president.

It’s science fiction light – you have to buy into the idea that people can see augmented reality without special glasses, but after that it’s all car chases and conspiracies and snarky jokes.

In other words, Veilpiercer has all the elements of the greatest literature from Western Civilization, in the sense that it uses English words read from left to right, many of them correctly spelled.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why is the title “Veilpiercer”?

A: Good question! By the way, I love what you’re wearing.

Q: What, this old thing? You’re so nice. I picked it up from an auction of unclaimed items at the police station. Anyway, the title?

A: “Piercing the corporate veil” is a legal principle.

Piercing the corporate veil – A legal concept that stems from the idea of looking beyond the corporate form as a shield and seeing the individuals responsible for the corporation’s actions.

Chamberlain’s Law Dictionary

I am fond of that quote for two reasons.

(1) It is 100% accurate and it’s one of the central themes of the book.

(2) There is no such thing as “Chamberlain’s Law Dictionary.” The definitions in real law dictionaries were verbose and confusing so I made it up. But doesn’t it sound real?

Q: What are your release day plans?

A: I’ll be refreshing the Amazon sales dashboard every thirty or 40 seconds all day until someone finally buys a copy late in the afternoon. Then I’ll be able to relax and decide whether to spend the seventy cents in royalties or invest it.

Q: Do you have any cute pictures?

A: I don’t have a dog or cat, normally required, but I do have a Norwegian troll named Trollkien. Here’s a picture of him with Veilpiercer.

Buy a copy of Veilpiercer today! What do you have to lose? Money. Yeah, good point, you won’t have your money. And time. You’ll lose the time you spend reading it and you may complain that you can’t get it back. But other than money and time, what do you have to lose? Okay, self-respect, there’s that, but look, these are meant to be rhetorical questions. Just buy a copy. I only have to sell four to win the bet with my wife.