I thought about writing an article about Scarlett Johansson and the fascinating copyright and privacy issues raised when OpenAI used a sound-alike voice for its AI chatbot, clearly hoping to capitalize on people’s memories of her role as the voice of an AI in the movie “Her.”

Most of you would only look at the pictures and never read the article. Besides, Godzilla Minus One was just released on Netflix so I’m distracted.

So just a quick update on your beach reading this summer. We’ve been working hard.

Uncommon Scents won awards. Oh, you heard? It’s hard for us to remember who we’ve told, what with all the invitations to posh award banquets and people approaching us for selfies.

I can’t tell you how many people have said they enjoyed Uncommon Scents even though they’re not science fiction fans. No, I mean I literally can’t tell you. They made me sign NDAs. You’ll have to buy a copy and see for yourself.
Veilpiercer is available now for preorder on Kindle. Paperback and hardcover copies go on sale on June 18.

There’s some science fiction in Veilpiercer, sure, but mostly Veilpiercer was written to make fun of rich people. It’s got good jokes. I can’t offer a money back guarantee, on advice of counsel, but trust me, you’ll like it. I would never lie to you.
Jim’s noir detective thriller The Avatar Murders is in its final stages of editing. We’re hoping to have it in your greedy little hands this summer so you can put it on top of the teetering pile of books next to your bed that you definitely no fooling plan to read.

A down-on-his-luck PI in a seedy office, high-profile murders, mobsters, corrupt cops, people who talk in sentence fragments – if Raymond Chandler decided to dabble in science fiction, it might turn out like The Avatar Murders. More details soon about how you can order several copies.

Thanks for your friendship and support! It means the world to us. Watch this space!