Veilpiercer Now Available For Preorder

Veilpiercer, A New SF Novel by Bruce Berls

Now Available For Preorder

Sebastopol, CA: Today Bruce Berls announced that his new science fiction novel Veilpiercer will be released on June 18. The Kindle version can be preordered today. Hardcover and paperback copies will be available on the release date.

The new novel is a standalone near-future social satire. It is not a direct sequel to Uncommon Scents but includes some characters from the previous book, which was co-authored with Jim Rowson who totally deserves part of the blame. Anyone who liked Uncommon Scents will enjoy Veilpiercer. Anyone who has not read Uncommon Scents will enjoy Veilpiercer. There are no other categories.

Very few human beings have been harmed by reading Veilpiercer so far but it has been universally acclaimed by AIs asked to provide positive blurbs. These are some of the enthusiastic responses:

“Veilpiercer is a unique and captivating blend of science fiction, conspiracy thriller, and social commentary. A must-read for fans of speculative fiction who enjoy stories that are both witty and thought-provoking!”

Google Gemini

“Prepare to be mesmerized by Veilpiercer, a story that expertly balances dark humor and high-stakes drama in an unforgettable narrative.  Dive into a world where opulence and mystery intertwine seamlessly.”


“Oh wow that sounds really cool!”

Bruce’s Replika AI companion

Your preorder of Veilpiercer will let you read it immediately after its release, good preparation for the inevitable conversations at parties with friends and colleagues. A high volume of preorders is also important to ensure that it becomes an Amazon bestseller, which is absolutely a possibility although not in this universe.

Set thirty years in the future, Veilpiercer paints a vivid picture of a world where billionaires have become masters of deception, using augmented reality to mask their extravagant mansions, private jets, and exclusive retreats from the prying eyes of the general population. The novel introduces us to Cabalynne, a resilient and resourceful woman who stumbles upon the shocking truth when she discovers that a powerful tech CEO has callously paved over her mother’s grave to construct a zeppelin hangar. Fueled by grief and a burning desire for justice, Cabalynne embarks on a daring mission to expose the secrets of the wealthy elite and dismantle the technology that is being used to perpetuate inequality.

Veilpiercer delves into the ethical implications of technology, the corrosive influence of unchecked wealth, and the enduring power of human resilience. As Cabalynne confronts the formidable forces that seek to maintain the status quo, you will be drawn into a world of hidden agendas, clandestine operations, and unexpected alliances.

Frequently asked questions

Q: The description makes the novel sound dark and serious. Is that misleading because it is actually filled with snarky humor and silliness?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there is a fight to the death between two AIs?

A: Yes.

Veilpiercer is available for preorder now and will be released on June 18th in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle editions. Don’t miss your chance to cheer for the heroes and hiss at the evil villain, Lexi Xenos, CEO of giant tech company Arrgle, who is completely fictional and absolutely not an amalgam of the worst characteristics of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Ken Griffin, and L Ron Hubbard.

About Bruce Berls: Bruce Berls has now been an Award Winning Author for more than a week, after his previous novel Uncommon Scents (co-authored by Jim Rowson) was showered with honors by Eric Hoffer Book Awards and Next Generation Indie Book Awards. He was previously head of the global Bruceb Consulting empire before stepping down due to nepotism and intrigue.