The Avatar Murders

A Kurt Hardash Mystery

By Jim Rowson


In the near future, almost everybody has always-on augmented reality. For free. Except Kurt Hardash, private investigator. He only sees it through one eye. The other eye sees real reality. Tawdry. Corrupt. Dangerous.

He’s also lost the love of his life to a nasty pandemic. It may be man made. He has a serious problem with that.

Kurt’s long time detective friend draws him into a high profile multiple murder case to distract him from his grief. Thrust into the sleazy world of digital high fashion, he’s hired to protect the CEO of an avatar company, the biggest supplier of augmented beauty to the rich and famous.

He’s after the pandemic creator to avenge his wife, but first he has to stand up to a vicious mob that wants to control or kill him. His choice.