Uncommon Scents

By Bruce Berls & Jim Rowson

Uncommon Scents is a cautionary frolic that has more humor and 80% less dystopia than the average near-future thriller.

In 2053, augmented reality has become the primary source of entertainment and communication for most people, as well as cluttering the world with nonstop floating ads. Lara is not happy about this new version of reality. Worse, she and her husband Spiro are being driven apart by his all-consuming work for the largest AR tech company – work that he can’t talk to her about because it is so annoyingly secret.

Lara winds up hunted by fierce security guards and a flash mob of conspiracy theorists, all trying to find out who is leaking company secrets. She has to decide what is more important: saving the world or saving her marriage.

Uncommon Scents is now available on Amazon in hardcover and paperback. The Kindle version is only $3.95. Such a deal!