Uncommon Scents

Uncommon Scents is now available on Amazon in hardcover and paperback. The Kindle version is only $3.95. Such a deal!

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Chapter 5 of Uncommon Scents is online for your reading pleasure, featuring proof that ghosts are real, a secret military operation that destroyed Palm Beach and replaced it with an exact duplicate, and sexy seances.


Barry leaned in. “The scientists have found that paranormal activity is real. Under the right conditions, people with AR nanobots can see ghosts. Real ghosts, not special effects. Kind of like avatars but nobody is on the other end, they’re just ghosts. It’s possible that this explains ghost sightings through history. We think some people were sensitive to ghosts before the bots were invented and now somehow the bots increase our visual acuity for the sacred plane.”

Tiffani’s eyes were unfocused as she concentrated. “Are you serious?”

“Super super serious.”

“Wow.” She got to the end of her thought process and lit up. “My god, Barry, I knew it! But I never thought there would be proof. This is unbelievable.”

Barry thought, yup, ‘unbelievable’ is almost exactly the right word.