Uncommon Scents

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Chapter 12 of Uncommon Scents is online for your reading pleasure, featuring a bad pun about a shih-tzu-phrenic, the day Foobar went missing, and a meaningful conversation during a manicure.


Not long after they were settled in the new house, Lara looked up from dinner and said, “Have you ever thought about getting a dog?”

She was a little surprised that Spiro’s face lit up. “Remember my parents’ dogs? There was always one in the house when I was growing up, and they always got the same breed, a schipperke. You’ve seen the pictures, all black, no tail, and completely devoid of any personality. It would be exciting to have a dog. Can we not get a schipperke?”

Lara solemnly agreed they should not get a schipperke.

They settled on a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Spiro said he thought a breed with four names was bound to be better than a breed with a measly one or two words in its name.

She watched happily as Spiro opened his heart to the puppy. They got the dog chipped and Spiro ordered a collar with contact info and the name he thought they had agreed on, “Qwerty.” Within a few days it was clear that Lara had not been consulted on the name Qwerty and did not agree it was a good name and didn’t want to say “stupid” because that’s too harsh so let’s say “poorly chosen,” shall we? Spiro nodded gravely.

They kept the collar but settled on the name “Foobar,” which Lara could live with and Spiro thought was wonderful. He told her more than she wanted to know about its origin in a 1930s comic book and all the ways it had been used as a programming term. Quite a lot more than she wanted to know.