Uncommon Scents

Uncommon Scents is now available on Amazon in hardcover and paperback. The Kindle version is only $3.95. Such a deal!

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Chapter 11 of Uncommon Scents is online for your reading pleasure, which tells the story of how Lara & Spiro met in graduate school. There’s a frog swimming in cappuccino, Wile E. Coyote crushed by a train, and a wedding on the beach in Hanalei.


“Are you a business major?” Spiro glanced up at her social. “Oh, you are.” He appeared to be baffled about what to say next.

“Yeah, I’m biz, a junior. You’re Computer Science BS? And a senior? How come you’re in a business ethics course?”

“I’m in the joint degree program. CS and business. I really like the CS classes.” He lapsed and stared hard at his coffee, as if it might help him with the conversation.

“What do you like?”

Spiro brightened. “Programming for AR is interesting! When I was in high school I programmed in arglebargle, but the AR languages are really elegant and the way they’re evolving sparkle glitzbomb blubber . . .” Lara had no idea what he was talking about. Some but not all of the words appeared to be in English but mostly he had drifted into deep nerd.

His enthusiasm was endearing. He looked animated as he described programming languages and routines and sprites. She was amused by his obliviousness, completely missing that she was a spectator instead of a participant in the conversation, but that was nothing new about talking to men. At least Spiro didn’t seem to have quite the narcissistic edge that most guys had.